The following article contains the best documented and most up to date information on the early generations of this Hammond family:

Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, "The Hammonds of Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusetts," New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 149, p. 211 (July, 1995) and later "Additions and Corrections," Register, vol. 150, p. 216 (April, 1996)].

The following Hammond family genealogy contains information on this Hammond family, beginning on page 538 of Vol. 1. There are, however, may errors in the earliest generations which have been corrected in the above article by Zubrinsky. Some of the information on later generations was taken from this source:

Frederick Stam Hammond, History and Genealogies of the Hammond Families in America, (2 vols., Oneida, NY 1902- 1904).

The following source is a typewritten compilation of information without narrative explanation which has been abstracted from various sources, including Town Clerk's records for the towns of Glocester, N. Scituate, and Foster, RI. It also contains abstracts of deeds from the towns of Scituate, Glocester and Foster, RI. In addition it contains family records and information on the descendants of one branch of the Hammond family which remained for two or three generations in Foster and Glocester, RI. This family information includes cemetery information and information derived from death certificates. The information on the earliest generations of the family is obviously taken from other sources and repeats the errors that Eugene Zubrinsky has corrected and documented in his article and corrections as published in the Register. The only copy of this compilation know to me is located at the Rhode Island Historical Society Library in Providence, RI:

Hannah Smith Hammond, Compiler, Hammond, (East Killingly, Conn. 1960).

Family records and information have also been supplied by several Hammond cousins, including Ralph Hammond, Raymond R. and Dorothy Martin, Ron Fuller, Dwight Bondy, and Maureen Lee.

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