About William Hammond

The earliest record found of William Hammond is his mark as a witness on an Indian deed on 30 March 1668. He was granted 7 acres of land in the town of Rehoboth in 1670; married Elizabeth Bartram of Swansea on 9 July 1672; and on 5 April 1674 he was granted a 20-acre lot in the town of Swansea.

His known children are Elizabeth Hammond born 24 September 1673 and William Hammond born in 1675, probably after the outbreak of King Philip's War.

On 28 June 1675, while garrisoned in the home of John Miles because of Indian uprisings, he volunteered to lead a detachment of soldiers into Indian territory. The party was ambushed by Indians, and William Hammond was killed. He was buried the following day at Swansea.

The descendants of William Hammond bearing the name Hammond are all descended through his son, William.

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